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Zimbolicious Anthology 7

An Anthology of Zimbabwean Literature and Arts

edited by Tendai Rinos Mwanaka, Tanaka Chidora

Zimbolicious Anthology 7: An Anthology of Zimbabwean Literature and Arts continues with the tradition that Mwanaka Media and Publishing has made an intrinsic part of the Zimbabwean artscape: giving us something Zimbolicious. From the first anthology which focused solely on poetry to the current one, the definition of ‘Zimbolicious’ has been expanded to include photography, sculpture, paintings, Installations, short stories, essays and interviews, all from Zimbabweans at home and the diaspora. The visual pieces have determined the scope of this anthology as much as the textual ones. Zimbolicious Anthology 7, therefore, showcases the many images of Zimbabwe and its people through the eyes of its artists.

ISBN 9781779314826  | 176 pages | 216 x 140mm | Colour Photographs | 2023 | Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe | Paperback




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