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Zimbabwe: The Blame Game

Recollected Essays and Non Fictions

by Tendai Rinos Mwanaka

In this book Zimbabwe: The Blame Game we start the process of talking by finding who is to blame for our political and economic problems and suggesting how to solve them. We need to face each other with an open mind, honest engagement, with real love that doesn’t just run along the path to judging, with forgiveness, with real reconciliation. For us to do that we need to start to talk to each other, but this collection goes further than Zimbabwe, than encouraging talking. It still tackles Zimbabwe, even as it tackles life in exile, especially for those Zimbabweans who left for South Africa; what they had to deal with, especially the xenophobia of year 2008. There are also two particular pieces that deals with South Africa, what I think is happening in South Africa, where I think South Africa is heading towards. It is the Zimbabweanisation of issues in South Africa that I am trying to explore, above everything else.

ISBN 9781779243171 | 204 pages | 216 x 140mm | 2023 | Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe | Paperback




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