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Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture

A Retrospective, 1957-2004

edited by Doreen Sibanda

Zimbabwean sculpture continues to be one of Africa's most original and internationally acclaimed artistic movements. This retrospective reflects on the origins, developments and contemporary challenges of the movement. Containing some 90 full-colour photographs of examples of stone sculpture from the 1950s until the present day, it showcases the work of artists past and present, from Zimbabwe and other countries of the southern African region such as Zambia, Angola and Mozambique. Introductory essays give an overview of stone sculpture in Zimbabwe, reflect on the role of the National Gallery and Tengenenge, and document the rise of the 'independent sculptor' and the 'extended family' in Zimbabwean stone sculpture. The final essay is on sculpture, street-craft and reproduction. The book is a joint publication with The Embassy of France in Harare, and the texts and accompanying notes are translated into French.

ISBN 9781779220301 | 148 pages | 100 x 100mm | Colour Photographs | 2004 | Weaver Press, Zimbabwe | Paperback




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