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Zeb Silhouette

by Chinyere Grace Okafor

In her capacity as a writer in the Diaspora, Okafor graphically delineates the immigrant experience lived by a black woman, Zeb, who seeks refuge in the United States, after having been exiled by a dictatorial Nigerian Government as a result of her militant human rights activities. Assailed with the realities of her lowly immigrant status as well as the spectres of ethnicity, gender inequity and racism, she valiantly navigates through the clogs of discrimination, oppression and deprivation. She is constrained by the brute force of the vicissitudes of life to fall from grace, in the quest for a new, secure identity procured with the Green Card.

ISBN 9789988550936 | 644 pages | 198 x 129mm | 2021 | Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana | Paperback



"Zeb Olima Jefferson is a bold and inspiring character. Determined to live her life according to her own rules, she travels from a dangerous relationship in Nigeria to life as an immigrant in America and then back to Nigeria again. Th ere she faces a challenge that threatens her very sanity. This is is a moving, shocking and compelling novel. I highly recommend it."

Susan Breen, author, The Fiction Class

"It is amazing that in a year when an African novelist, Abdulrasaq Gurhni won the Nobel Prize in Literature for what the Norwegian Academy referred to as "his uncompromising and compassionate penetration of the effects of colonialism and the fate of the refugee in the gulf between cultures and continents," a phenomenal new book on ‘the cause of women, love and immigration’ would be published."

Dr Wale Okediran, Secretary General, Pan African Writers Association



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