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Words from a Granary

edited by Violet Barungi

Words from a Granary is the second anthology of short stories by Ugandan women to be published by the Ugandan Women Writers' Association, Femrite. It is the outcome of a three-year programme of workshops geared towards equipping creative women writers in a difficult social and intellectual environment. 'Granary', a symbol of hope in face of despair in thet raditional Ugandan homestead, is synonymous with promise for these femalewriters and publishers, and thus the elected title of the collection. The workshops called for stories from which fifteen were selected for this anthology. New writers are strongly represented and there are also contributions from established writers. The stories tell different tales and capture different experiences of aspects of contemporary Ugandan life, providing a variety of insights into people's lives and concerns.

ISBN 9789970700011 | 104 pages | 216 x 140 mm | B/W Illustrations | 2001 | Femrite Publications, Uganda | Paperback




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