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Who Told the Most Incredible Story: Vol 5

Why Tigers and Leopards Do Not Mix and Other Stories

by Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang

Drawn from the oral tradition these tales will appeal to both children and adults everywhere. The stories provide deep insights into human life, with emphasis on the essence of African lifestyles and ways of understanding. 54 folktales in five  volumes are in the series all are illustrated in colour.  This delightful collection, the result of years of field research work that partly informed courses the author taught in African and Oral Literature, shapes her first creative writing project.

ISBN 9789964705374 | 139 pages | 216 x 216mm | Colour Illustrations | 2016 | Afram Publications, Ghana | Paperback



“Each tale entertains and creates a context for creative and innovative learning. The collection is therefore highly recommended for enjoyment and study by everyone - thinkers, political scientists, writers, theologians, sociologists, and anyone who appreciates the African way of life”.

Dr. K. B. Maison (Nana Kobena Nketsia V)



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