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Wading the Tide

by Emmanuel Fru Doh

Wading the Tide is an expression of profound emotions touching on a wide range of issues-personal and political-from the birth of the Cameroon nation, her political meandering, until the state of emergency declared on the North West Province in 1992. Accordingly, Doh complains, ridicules, and pays tribute, even as he instructs and guides on timeless matters of life, all in an effort to draw attention to his country's gradual, downward spiral into anomy.

ISBN 9789956558773 | 64 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2009 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback



“The poems are weighty, touching, enduring…. Doh … is extremely sensitive and acutely aware of the world in which he lives, the human predicament, the beauty of the weather, the horrors of war and dirty politics, the love of one person for another, the angers, sorrows, pleasures of everyday living…. The dominant mood of the collection is one of outrage, gloom and decadence, the vision apocalyptic.  In Wading the Tide, it can be pointed out that Emmanuel Fru Doh has broken much new ground using very familiar implements.”

Linus T. Asong, Professor, University of Yaounde I (ENS Bambili)

“A remarkable first collection by a poet who loves his country but is fearlessly angry at its several flaws.  Its range is wide, the geography of its thought and feelings remarkably extensive.  These are poems which denounce Africa’s myriad socio-political evils without sacrificing the importance of humour and possibilities of hope.  We wade through the tide of these poems to a vision of an Africa peopled with patriots.”

Niyi Osundare



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