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Unspoken Facts

A History of Homosexualities in Africa

edited by GALZ

Homosexuality. Lesbians. Gay rights. Homophobia. These terms have surfaced in recent years in Africa to the shock, embarrassment and even anger of many people. This book is about that, and about the coming out (into public view) of individuals who in the past tended to keep a low profile. What does the history of homosexuality and the reactions against it tell us about African history in general? And how might this knowledge help us in struggles against HIV/AIDS, gender violence and other social inequalities in contemporary Africa? Based on Marc Epprecht's award-winning monograph Hungochani: the history of a dissident sexuality in southern Africa, along with creative contributions from other pioneering scholars in the field,  this study offers a sympathetic portrayal of the lives of people who do not conform to society's dominant expectations in terms of love and marriage. Additional material includes several fictionalised accounts of same-sex relationships in southern Africa.

ISBN 9780797434837 | 272 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2008 | GALZ, Zimbabwe | Hardback



"Epprecht hopes that his determination to prove Mugabe wrong on queer issues will prove useful to Zimbabwe's historical and cultural record."

Capital Xtra, Toronto, Canada




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