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Unquiet. The Life and Times of Makhan Singh

by Zarina Patel

Makham Singh (-1973) was an Indian settler in Kenya, who became a founding father of the trade union movement, and a leading opponent of the colonial state. He is distinguished by his consciously multi-racialist politics and his indomitable spirit. Ahead of his times, Singh was extraordinarily immune from colour prejudice and religious intolerance. He refused to accept a trade union movement segregated by race and the colonial apartheid that reinforced a hierarchy of races between black Africans, Asians and whites in such humiliating fashion. Instead, he demonstrated that the liberation of Asians and Africans were inextricably linked, and that imperialism and colonialism are the enemies of all peoples, and should be met with non-violent resistance. These stances gained him remarkable popularity amongst the ordinary people.

The author explores her subject’s childhood in India, his life outside his political concerns, the evolution of his politics, personality, and his experiences in detention. The research documents a hitherto un-researched archive of Singh’s private papers, housed at the University of Nairobi. The primary source material, evidenced throughout the work, dates from 1927. It includes the subject’s correspondence, poetry, press cutting, statements, hand-written notes, campaign posters and photographs. The project took the author further afield – to the northern border of India in Pakistan where Singh grew up; to Delhi, Jalhandar and Amritsar; and to Punjabi language sources.

ISBN 9789966712301 | 586 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2006 | Zand Graphics, Kenya | Paperback



‘This wonderful account…reminds us why it is critically important for Asians and Africans to tell their own stories.’

Kenya Human Rights Commission

“ accomplishment in the use of the archive to construct a biography. Patel relies on thousands of archival records in Kenya and India from the precolonial to contemporary times...”

“...[offers] an alternative viewpoint on the identity of postcolonial Kenya...”

“ destabilises the foundations on which modern Kenya’s historiography is constructed by raising questions about the place of both race and trade union activism in the country.”

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Social Dynamics' Journal of African Studies, University of Cape Town



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