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Underdevelopment in Ethiopia

by Eshetu Chole

Eshetu Chole was, and remains, Ethiopia's leading economist. His works encompass an extraordinary breadth: agriculture, industrial and social development, fiscal policy, macro and micro economy, human development at national and regional levels, to name just a few of his topics. His economics were embedded in the realities of a poor and underdeveloped economy and he focused on the problematics of development from this perspective. His work epitomised a complex and pragmatic approach, and he drew on several schools of economics as well as history, anthropology and sociology in his effort to understand critically the state of Ethiopia. He was equally renowned for his insistence on the inseparability of economics and politics, his quasi-social democratic politics and his role as a public intellectual, concerned with public policy and change. Chole notably concluded that politics rather than economics were the critical explanatory factor in Ethiopia's underdevelopment.

This publication brings together a representative sample of his most influential papers and articles written and published over a period of three decades, 1967-1997. Together they represent something akin to a twentieth century economic history of Ethiopia. Forewords are provided by Befakadu Degefe and Bahru Zwede.

ISBN 9781904855354 | 408 pages | 216 x 140 mm | B/W Illustrations | 2004 | Organisation for Social Science Research, Ethiopia | Paperback




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