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Twilight of Crooks

by Mwalimu Johnnie MacViban

"The truth is, I've become a political refugee...," Makelekele tried to explain, "I no longer have a passport. I'm a citizen of nowhere."

The year is 1977. Jason Makelekele treads where angels fear to tread as he investigates the murder of an oil tycoon for his column. During a trip to Bonn, Germany, he is disavowed by his country and becomes a stateless person. While he wonders if he will ever see the family and friends he has left behind, Cold War Germany is historically charged with what will be remembered as the German Autumn-a set of events associated with kidnappings by the Red Army Faction. 

Midway between neo-noir, political novel and postmodern romp, Twilight of Crooks takes liberties with history, changing names and events such that the line between history and alternative history becomes blurred.

ISBN 9781733752633 | 132 pages | 198 x 129mm | 2021 | Bakwa Books, Cameroon | Paperback



"The narrative of Twilight of Crooks traverses geographies both actual and invented. Mwalimu Johnnie MacViban is a voice to watch out for."

Rotimi Babatunde - Winner the Caine Prize

"Inspector Bakasili is the descendant of a long line of smart, bare-knuckle detectives that range from Maigret to Poirot. Looking forward to him unearthing whodunit and solving more crimes."

E.C. Osondu - Winner the Caine Prize



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