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Tumbuka/Tonga - English & English - Tumbuka/Tonga Dictionary

by Wm. Y. Turner

This is probably the only dictionary of the two languages of Northern Malawi, spoken by some two million Malawians, ever to be published. The publication is of primary importance, given the precarious status of these languages, which were once threatened with extinction - the result, in part, of a government policy to nationalise one language. The culture of the people is inextricably linked with language, and the freer political dispensation over the last ten years has given the opportunity for the different language groups in Malawi to work to revive and preserve their threatened languages and culture. The dictionary is based on an original compilation of the Livingstonia mission to collect and compile words and phrases from oral sources into a written form. It contains some 5,000 entries, details on morphology, translations and examples.

ISBN 9789990814149 | 292 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2002 | Central Africana, Malawi | Hardback




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