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Traditional and Religious Plants of West Africa

by Daniel Kwesi Abbiw

Traditional and Religious Plants of West Africa is a collection of plant uses that appear to be based on beliefs, symbols, signs and values. Nothing like this has been attempted before for the Region since the information has been scattered in books, papers and among traditional men and women themselves. Much of this local information is in danger of being lost as traditional rural life gives way to urban living with its detachment from the countryside. The information has been compiled from literature, general observation and from original, reliably authoritative and undeniably genuine knowledge extracted from exclusive interviews with elders, medicine-men, fetish priests and witch-doctors - many though illiterate and belonging to the dying breed.This book will not only be a constant source of reference, but the text in its own right will intrigue readers. It is prepared for the general reader as well as the specialist; and for the traditionalist as well as the scientist. Hence, technical terms are kept to a minimum or where used are fully explained.

ISBN 9789988600877 | 726 pages | 229 x 152mm | Colour Illustrations and Colour Photographs | 2014 | Smartline Publishers, Ghana | Paperback




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