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Touched by His Grace

A Ngoni Story of Tragedy and Triumph

by Masiye Tembo

The north of Malawi is home to about 100,000 people of Zulu origin. It is likely however that in the twenty first century the Zulu (Ngoni) language will become extinct in this region. The author sets out to bring attention to how the Zulu language and culture came to this part of Africa, which was the home of his ancestors and grandparents. It documents interviews with the younger generation of Ngoni (Zulu) descendants in Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, and reflects on the culture and traditions of the Zulu people in earlier times. The story is written in the spirit of rediscovering the roots of this people and conveying their history. It is moreover a tribute to the author’s grandfather who became a hero of this community.

ISBN 9789990876314 | 88 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2005 | Kachere Series, Malawi | Paperback




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