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Togbi Dawuso Dofe

Mami Water in the Ewe Tradition

edited by Kathleen O'Brien Wicker, Kofi Asare Opoku

Mami Water as a phenomenon is an ubiquitous existence in Ewe belief and folkore, yet little about it is documented. Dawuso Dcfe, the Ewe Mami Water Priest known as Abidjan Mamiwater, was a remarkable but mysterious man, whose life was dominated by the phenomenon. He died in 2003 and this study of his life has enthnographic importance, particularly pertaining to the accommodating character of traditional Ewe and African religion; the outstanding talents of Dawuso, both as a religious figure, and as a man of vision and action; and the richness, complexity and attractiveness of the arts among the Ewe.

This book describes all the essential aspects of Dawuso’s life, including his foundation of the now famous Mamiwater Village and shrine at Adome in the Volta Region. He became a traditional healer, diviner and priest; and also used his strategic position in the supernatural sphere to initiate moves which greatly enriched many Ewe artistic traditions, particularly in music, dance, sculpture and painting. A glossary of Ewe terms is provided.

ISBN 9789988647858 | 126 pages | 240 x 160 mm | Colour Illustrations and Colour Photographs | 2007 | Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana | Hardback




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