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Tigress at Full Moon


ISBN 9780979085840 | 78 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2012 | African Heritage Press, Nigeria | Paperback



“These poems are the embodiment of immortal imagination impregnated with the spirit of creativity…, they chant us to see the vision and imagine ourselves in it. On the vernacular poems I only wish I could hear and feel the cadences of a language ‘which is so efficient in its structure,’ according to Michael Echeruo, ‘that some say it was first spoken in Eden.’ This Tigress’ roar is a roar to which we should pay close attention.”

ROGER W. HECHT, Assistant Professor, Department of English, SUNY, College at Oneonta, NY

“In this collection the poems are not just … about mundane action and destruction, but of the infinite beauty and eternal repose which is the future. Th is is a triumph of poetic wish fulfillment… the stuff [of which the] mythic imagination is made.”

AFAM EBEOGU, Professor of English, Abia State University, Uturu-Okigwe, Nigeria

“Obiwu’s work … awakes the imagination by creating a mythical world in which the figures of romantic legend live their enchanted lives. It reclaims and vivifies the world of daily routine by renewing our grasp of its underlying meanings.”

PROFESSOR BEN OBUMSELU, Senior Personal Assistant, Anambra State Governor, Anambra State, Nigeria



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