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Tides of Fancy

by Eunice Ngongkum

Tides of Fancy is a collection of forty-two poems which derides prevailing behavioural patterns which all, from the learned to the man on the street, are supposed to eschew. The content reflects humanity as a whole, and the poet discards the myth that poetry is not for the ordinary man! She draws from ordinary experiences and articulates her thoughts and vision in free verse, occasional structural inversion, visible rhythm, rhyme and concrete images. As a whole, Tides of Fancy (Poems) is a milestone prescription for a rethinking of attitudes and perceptions.

ISBN 9789956551712 | 54 pages | 203 x 127mm | 2021 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback



"Conscious of the craze for thorny beauty, lofty sophistication, unfounded gains, cosmetic achievements and votive self-exaltation which adorn modern man's existence, Eunice Ngongkum in this collection craves the reader to sow today appropriate seeds of vision for a healthier tomorrow. The ordinary themes treated, the diversity in subject matter, beautiful twist in language marked by modest expressions, subtlety in tone, the doubts and surprises expressed, the moral undertones, etc., are ingredients that spice the poet's craft. The collection is a ready delicacy for the voracious appetite of every reader; both the pleasure seeker and the scholarly, will find in it diverse perspectives from which to draw conclusions."

Njikang Peter Mejame, Educationist, PLEG



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