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These Hands

by Makhosazana Xaba

This edition is a re-release of Xaba’s first poetry collection (first published in 2005) due to demand from readers and academics. A powerful, ground breaking work that placed Xaba firmly as an important voice the SA literary scene.

Whenever I take the pulse
of my existence,
feel the pinch
of my persistence
against the grinding grain
of my resistance
to the pounding punch
of their insistence,
words transmit to me
a drumroll of deliverance.

ISBN 9781928215271 | 62 pages | 210 x 148 mm | 2017 | Modjaji Books, South Africa | Paperback



“Finally, and essentially, back in print, Makhosazana Xaba’s debut collection contains powerful societal critique alongside moving meditations on love and intimacy. Writing in incisive, unadorned language, Xaba confronts racism and misogyny to devastating effect. She then turns her hand to the intimacies that exist between women, within family, and between the poet and her own writing.”




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