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The Unity of African Ancient History 3000 BC to AD 500

by Felix Chami

Following in the footsteps of such scholars as Cheik Anta Diop and Claude Aké, this study is framed as a critique of colonial and neo-colonial African history. It aims to bury the study of Africa ‘in a racial and territorial divide’, and establish a scientific study of the Africa past by ridding African historical studies of existing dogma.

In one the first studies to ensemble data from as many related disciplines as possible – linguistics and etymology, anthropology and rock art, and drawing on new archaeological findings and re-readings of historical documents, the author traces the contours of ancient cultural and trade links between the various peoples and polities of ancient Africa. The aim is to discern patterns of peopling and history of the continent, and rediscover unknown cultural systems and dynamics of ancient sub-Saharan Africa. By demonstrating how Africa people developed culturally, exchanged knowledge and migrated, the study challenges denials of early African cultural sophistication, setting an important agenda for future research directions.

ISBN 9781904855828 | 260 pages | 229 x 152 mm | B/W Illustrations and Maps | 2006 | E & D Ltd., Tanzania | Paperback




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