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The Snail Prince

by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren

There was a battle for the throne of King Illirius. The old king wanted his only son to be his heir, but his daughter, Carolina, had other plans. She wants to be the ruler of the kingdom. With the help of a powerful wizard, she cast a spell on her only brother, Alfonso. The powerful wizard turned the prince into a snail and threw him into the deep end of the forest. Carolina didn’t stop there. She also incapacitated her father so she could have everything to herself. Carolina ruled with an iron fist and got everyone under her spell. She was brutal. She silenced anyone that crossed her path. Who will stop Carolina? Prince Alfonso is now under a magical spell. Will he regain the throne as a snail or human? Brace yourself for one of the best stories ever told.

ISBN 9789786075747 | 44 pages | 279x216 mm | 2024 | Human Change Communications Company, Nigeria | Paperback




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