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The Singing Anthill

Ogoni Folk Tales

by Ken Saro-Wiwa

The Ogoni live on the northern fringes of the eastern delta of Niger, the homeland of the author. He first heard them in Khana, his mother tongue, and the memory of the stories themselves, the songs that accompanied them, the skill of the narrators, and the reaction of the audience, have all influenced the author as a successful writer in many genres.

The folk tales reflect the occupations of the Ogoni - fishing, farming and hunting; and give insight into the customs and observances of their society. Their penchant for satire and the comic are displayed, together with the values of their civilization. The centre of most of the stories is Kuru, the Tortoise, known for his cunning and wisdom, who recognises the supreme intelligence of the oracle.

ISBN 9781870716154 | 144 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 1991 | Saros International Publishers, Nigeria | Paperback




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