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The Rise and Decline and Rise of China

Searching for an Organising Philosophy


The Rise and Decline and Rise of China: Searching for an Organising Philosophy represents a new and promising approach to Africa/China relations. What is most impressive is that it is an encounter between African and Chinese thought, but this encounter is not just a set of stale comparisons of philosophical beliefs. This study places the concepts and attitudes in both China and Africa in their socio-political contexts, in an attempt to provide a sophisticated, sensitive, and usable history. This attempt yields dividends, especially for the primary audience of Africans, as it gives a way of learning from the vast history of Chinese experience without reducing African experience to insignificance or irrelevance (as has happened so often in dialogues between Africa and the West). This book will be of interest to anyone from within Africa interested in engaging with China as a complex and nuanced place, a place of challenge, creativity, and opportunity.

ISBN 9781920655846 | 412 pages | 229 x 152mm | 2015 | Mapungubwe Institute (MISTRA), South Africa | Paperback




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