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The Really King of September

by Moshumee Teena Dewoo

This is abuse. It is all unwanted, of course. It is highs and lows. It is the mind shaken inside out. It is the heart that fixes it. It is good friends that help through it. It is craving good food and loud music. It is hating this too, on most days. It is calling the doctor because of a bruise and cancelling the appointment with him minutes later. It is a man-child that knows all too well how to gaslight. It is a nightmare in broad daylight. It is dignity destroyed. It is a curse to fight at high price. If you cross paths with a demon, that is all this you will have for a while. You will not run from it. You cannot. Trust me, I have tried. I should not have. Because from there, "Leaving behind nights of terror and fear...I rise, I rise, I rise". Maya said it first. It is beautiful, isn't it?

ISBN 9789956552733 | 68 pages | 203 x 127mm | 2021 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback



"Moshumee T. Dewoo's fourth collection of poems, The Really King of September, navigates 'unassailed' memories and antinomies that are carried in and through the mind and body when these have been assailed. The personas in these poems expose being human and being fragmented, broken, through pure feminine imagery coupled with a shy, gentle, sense of humour and subtle irony that mitigate the darkness of this brokenness that Dewoo writes on. Where her previous collections, The Sounds of Silence, Ex Absurdo Sequitur Quodlibet and Zero Point Soldier, are deeply engaged with seeking and positioning the self, herself, this new volume marks Dewoo's growth into a new lyricality - that of her found womanhood."

Ahmet Sait Akcay, Author, Turkey



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