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The Nigerian Capital Market

Developments, Issues and Policies

by Isaac Olusola Dada

Contents: securities market management in an emerging market; the Nigerian capital market, opportunities and challenges; perspectives on the development of the capital market in Nigeria; the impact of the central securities clearing system on the development of the capital market; the role of domestic and international capital markets in the re-capitalisation of banks in Nigeria; dealing in securities and maximising profit through trading in rights issues; assisting public sector resource managers to access captial markets; the role of the stockbroker; effective pricing of securities in the secondary market; mobilisation of resources; the role of the corporate finance officer; privatisation of public enterprises in Nigeria; the potential impact of the 1999 Federal Government budget on the Nigerian capital market; the investment climate in Nigeria; the case for foreign investment in the Nigerian Wire and Cable companies; and the church and investment.

ISBN 9789780293444 | 220 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2003 | Spectrum Books, Nigeria | Paperback




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