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The Mysterious Lake

From a Village Girl to Mami America

by Theresia Mbunue Ngu

This book tells the story of my life, growing up in the village in Bambili as a child. Life then was serene and the things we treasured, such as picking kola nuts, helping friends with house chores in order to finish and play, were great pass time. As one of the few among my cohorts who was privileged to go to school, this was a game changer. My life story shows the entanglements and aspirations of a wife and mother juggling life as a teacher, a politician, a philanthropist and a religious person. Importantly, life as a grandmother and great grandmother added another dimension to my being, from the village girl who attended college, got married and moved away to town and to travelling the globe to visit children and grandchildren and taking up American citizenship. To all those senior citizens with grandchildren and great-grandchildren who ask questions and request stories told without relent, I hope this book makes a modest contribution to the joys of being a granny.

ISBN 9789956552801 | 127 pages | 203 x 127mm | 2022 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9789956552092


"Reading through the life story of my mum made me to realize how little we knew about her past life. It also brought to my understanding the drastic advancement and development in our society today. Thinking that in villages during her youth there were no cars, no mortuaries, women were ostracized in their own homes during menstruation, pupils went to school barefooted, etc. made me to appreciate life better. Her love and dedication in the things of God and in putting smiles on peoples' faces are those rare and precious qualities of hers that I value and try to emulate."

Bernadine Aghanwi Ngu-Nnoko, daughter



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