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The Master of Fate

by Samuel Ajibiye

The Master of Fate is a debut novella that narrates the story of Remilekun, an orphan, whose desire to fulfil his late mother's dream of getting education takes him to the university. He finds true love at the university with a good girl from a different tribe. Their true love stands firm against all stiff oppositions. However, their true love is short-lived as the newlyweds find themselves in the den of a notorious kidnapping gang, known as the Czar Boys, led by Hitler. The story reaches a nervy moment when the accidental killing of Hitler in police custody reveals state security complicit, a calculated move by the police intended to prevent the dreaded outlaw from letting the cat out of the bag. The story reveals the perverse nature of humans from corruption to injustice, from greed to obsession, and from betrayal to murder. The craftily-plotted story reaches a twisty conclusion that leaves the reader, wondering whom to ever trust again.

ISBN 9789786001272 | 208 pages | 234x156mm | 2024 | Malthouse Press, Nigeria | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9789786020495



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