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The Man with the White Hat and other stories

by Uvie Giwewhegbe

"The Man with the White Hat……I saw him daily. Every time. I see him on my way to school or late in the evenings when I am helping my mother sell groceries. The man with the white hat and the firm walking stick…the hat is never off, neither is it tainted nor stained, always pure white. He is a man in his early sixties, trailing the street through and fro, morning till evening. He is either speaking to himself or pointing his firm stick at one real or imaginary situation or another.  I wondered if he even had a family. I thought him the ‘’classy mad’’. But, he always wore clean clothes and his hat was ever white. But my perception, misperception, changed on this very day I am about to reveal…"

This collection of short stories explores human foible, feelings, and deeper feelings of love, loyalty, betrayal and states of mind of those at the receiving end of social interactions and relationships – work roles, friendships, amorous or not, marriage - and cultural dictates or preferences. Insightfully done and a good read.

ISBN 9789785407075 | 162 pages | 229 x 152mm | 2017 | Malthouse Press, Nigeria | Paperback




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