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The Love Sheet

by Barbara Fairhead, Jacques Coetzee

The title should have warned me. On reading the title poem, I realise any of the poems is a gateway into this passion with compassion, into a garden whose fragrances colour every sound lovers make when words have to cope. Make the lovers poets, see how each facet is etched, each jewel worked and polished. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. 

ISBN 9781928215509 | 106 pages | 198 x 129mm | 2017 | Hands-On Books, South Africa | Paperback



Fairhead and Coetzee have produced a collection that is distinguished by its crafting as well as its beauty. Their voices gather resonance in conversation, until the poems reveal a hunger for shared experience, and a receptiveness to the intimacies of each moment. Reading these poems at one sitting is akin to stumbling onto a recital by two very accomplished soloists—perhaps in a clearing, in a forest. This is a brave and beautiful book, and the cumulative impact of the poems is nothing short of astonishing.

Eduard Burle

"From the blind to the seeing, from the seeing to the blind …  this volume is a compelling declaration of love and radiance, and transformation."

Petra Müller



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