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The Last Villains of Molo

by Kinyanjui Kombani

Bone, Bomu, Bafu, Ngeta and Rock find themselves in Ngando slums having fled the ethic-based violence in Molo. With little to do, they engage in all maner of trade to eke out a living. The entry of Nancy - stylish sophisticated and shrewd - catapults them into a nightmare that leads to destitution, betrayal, desperation, revenge, friendship and lasting love. This is a story of a new generation that rises above the confines of hatred and retribution and reasserts the inherent goodness in man. Told against the background of the 1992 'tribal' clashes in Kenya, The Last Villains of Molo is one of the most critically acclaimed modern stories. It has been studied in five universities in Kenya and Germany, and is currently being scripted for film.

ISBN 9789966362285 | 220 pages | 210 x 148 mm | 2012 | Longhorn Publishers, Kenya | Paperback



“Kombani’s book should claim it’s rightful place as the king of Kenya’s popular fiction.”

Sunday Nation, Kenya, April 27, 2008



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