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The Kenya Socialist Vol. 5

edited by Shiraz Durrani, Kimani Waweru

The Kenya Socialist exists to promote socialist ideas, experiences and world outlook; increase awareness of classes, class contradictions and class struggles in Kenya, both historical and current; expose the damage done by capitalism and imperialism in Kenya and Africa; offer solidarity to working class, peasants and other working people and communities in their struggles for equality and justice; promote internationalism and work in solidarity with people in Africa and around the world in their resistance to imperialism; and make explicit the politics of information and communication as tools of repression and also of resistance in Kenya. Vol. 5 includes nine articles: Editorial; Lessons from the Underground; Linked Theory with Practice in Kenya; The 59th African Liberation Day; Is Women’s Household-Labour a Form of Exploitation?; Revolutionary Rhetoric and Populist Politics; Welcome Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School; The Ukombozi Library; Kiswahili Section.

ISBN 9789914992168   | 42 pages | 297 x 210mm | 2022 | Vita Books, Kenya | Paperback




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