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The Kenya Socialist Vol. 2

edited by Kimani Waweru, Shiraz Durrani

The Kenya Socialist exists to: Promote socialist ideas, experiences and world outlook; Increase awareness of classes, class contradictions and class struggles in Kenya, both historical and current; Expose the damage done by capitalism and imperialism in Kenya and Africa; Offer solidarity to working class, peasants and other working people and communities in their struggles for equality and justice; Promote internationalism and work in solidarity with people in Africa and around the world in their resistance to imperialism; Make explicit the politics of information and communication as tools of repression and also of resistance in Kenya.

The second issue is dedicated to issues of gender equality and carries three articles on the topic. Other articles in this issue include Other articles in this issue include the first part of Battle of Ideologies in Kenya by Shiraz Durrani. In the final article, Kimani Waweru shows how capitalism cannot meet the needs of working class. Also included is a reproduction of the review of the first issue of The Kenya Socialist carried in the Communist Review (CR) No 94, Winter 2019/2020.

ISBN 9789914700893 | 28 pages | 297 x 210mm | Colour Photographs | 2020 | Vita Books, Kenya | Paperback




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