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The Indigenous Games of the People of the Coastal Region of Kenya

A Cultural and Educational Appraisal

by Peter Mwangi Wanderi

Since the time of the early Greek, Egyptian and Chinese civilizations, games are depicted as having played a significant role in the lives of the people, similarly, games of different kinds have been a vital hallmark of peopleĆ­s culture in Kenya, and everywhere else in Africa, for hundreds of years. The focus of this research project is to identify the traditional games of the people from the Kenyan coastal region and describe how they were conducted as well as the socio-cultural setting within which they were performed, and to establish the significance of these activities in enhancing the acquisition and learning of verbal information, cognitive strategies, attitudes, and motor skills by the participants in specific and their significance to the community in general. The study also suggests ways in which traditional games could be adopted into the contemporary educational curriculum as well as for mass sports participation.

ISBN 9789994455560 | 172 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2011 | OSSREA, Ethiopia | Paperback




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