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The Horizon Unveiled

by Fellowes Mwaisela

Horizon Unveiled is a fictionalised autobiography of Fellowes Mwaisela. As a child, standing outside their home in Ilinga Village, Tukuyu District in Mbeya Region, Fellowes was always fascinated by the Nyika Mountains in the distance. What fascinated him the most was the horizon. To him, the horizon line seemingly separated the mountains from the blue sky. In his imagination, his grandmother’s village, Ilalabwe, laid at the foot of the Nyika Mountains.  As far as he was concerned, beyond the horizon was a bottomless abyss and so there was no life, no nothing. However, his first trip outside Tukuyu District took him beyond the horizon. The trip was to take him hundreds of miles to Precious Stone Town. This revealed to him new realities about life. Later, as a young adult and an adult, he crossed more horizons going even beyond the borders of his country. As the ‘horizon became unveiled’, he realised that there was more to life than just what one sees within the limits of his or her horizon. The possibilities are endless. It is a journey from innocence to awareness.

ISBN 9789987483198 | 244 pages | 178 x 108 mm | 2018 | FGD Tanzania, Tanzania | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9789987483761



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