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The Homosexuality Debate in Malawi

by Jones Hamburu Mawerenga

Homosexuality is a cross-cutting challenge to Malawian society with theological, socio-cultural, economic, legal, political, and human rights implications. This book argues that the solution to the homosexuality debate in Malawi does not lie in either the criminalization or decriminalization of homosexuality; neither does it lie in homophobia nor heterophobia. However, the solution to the homosexuality debate lies in achieving a harmonious co-existence of both heterosexuals and homosexuals by practicing mutual tolerance. The book concludes by suggesting various activities to be taken by: The Government of Malawi; Gay Rights Activists; Religious Leaders; Traditional Leaders; and Malawian Society to ensure the aforementioned tolerance and understanding is encouraged.

ISBN 9789996060168 | 502 pages | 229 x 152mm | 2018 | Mzuni Press, Malawi | Paperback




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