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The Ghana Revolution

From Nkrumah to Jerry Rawlings

by E Babatope

This book was published in the immediate aftermath of Jerry Rawlings' 1981 coup, and proclamation of the Ghana Revolution in January 1982. The author gives an account of the history of the socialist African revolution in Ghana from Nkrumah to Rawlings. He argued that Rawlings represented a continuity of the socialist African revolution, which drove Nkrumah and other revolutionary leaders to commit the resources and future of Ghana to overcome the imperial powers. He puts the case for the continuing need for a unified, self-reliant socialist state, and considers the high hopes for Rawlings' revolution and socialist ideology, with which he concurs, including his potential to inspire other African revolutions, provide the strong African leadership required for greater African economic independence, and an African presence in international relations. The book represents a historical view of Rawlings' role at a particular point in time.

ISBN 9789781562105 | 128 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 1982 | Fourth Dimension Publishing Company, Nigeria | Paperback




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