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The Fundamentals of Teaching Practice

A Guide for Student Teachers

by Martison Nhamo

Undoubtedly, as a comparative novice whose only experience so far has been that of a recipient of the school curriculum material, the student teacher has what Cohen, Manion, Morrison, and Wyse (2010) term a mixture of anticipation, anxiety, excitement, eagerness, trepidation and more than a few butterflies in the stomach. Genuinely, that is normal and should be expected of any beginner in a programme. In line with current trends in Zimbabwe’s teaching profession, the thrust of this book is to support student teachers, newly qualified and even experienced teachers in their classroom discourses. This thoroughly researched and authoritative yet accessible textbook covers all the important concepts and basic skills that both the student teacher and the experienced teacher need to understand in issues to do with Teaching Practice.

Issues covered include: the concept of Teaching Practice (TP), preliminary visits to host schools, curriculum development in schools, professional records, how to teach, teaching methods, educational media and technology, classroom management, refl ective practice in teaching, questioning techniques, motivating pupils, interaction patterns, child abuse and multi-cultural classroom as well as chapters on stress management, teacher professionalism and final TP assessment period.

ISBN 9781779069566 | 206 pages | 280 x 216mm | 2019 | Africa Talent Publishers, Zimbabwe | Paperback




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