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The Concept of Botho and HIV/AIDS in Botswana

edited by Joseph B. R. Gaie, Sana K. Mmolai

Ever since the publication of Placide Tempel's epoch-making work Bantu Philosophy, African philosophers have worked to dispel the myth that there is no metaphysics in Africa. In the East African context we remember the names of Joseph Nyasmi and Odera Oruka, and in the West African context, Pauline Hotoundji and Kwesi Wiredu have made monumental contributions to elucidate African metaphysics. This compendium, presented by a group of scholars from the University of Botswana, seeks to build bridges between the seemingly estranged disciplines of African metaphysics, existential philosophy, and economics in the contexts of HIV/AIDS.

ISBN 9789966718556 | 146 pages | 210 x 148 mm | 2007 | Zapf Chancery Publishers Africa, Kenya | Paperback




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