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The Adventures of Jamil

by Mohammed Umar

When Jamil was a boy growing up on the Tatasi Peninsula, the Twin Tragedy ‒ an earthquake and a volcanic eruption ‒ cut Tatasi off from the mainland, turning it into an island. Immediately afterwards, a sea monster emerged and terrorized the trapped inhabitants. Jamil and his friends each dream of being the one to slay the monster, and freeing the islanders from their fear and uncertainty. But Jamil also dreams of finding the lost half of Tatasi's Golden Key, said to safeguard the island from future natural disasters.

The Adventures of Jamil tells the tale of this young man's journey to fulfil his two dreams. Inventing a brilliant plan he succeeds in defeating the sea monster. But the second dream proves much harder to attain. Jamil's quest for the other half of the key is full of twists and turns. Along the way, Jamil survives a shipwreck, crosses the desert and fights chimeras.

ISBN 9780957208407 | 148 pages | 198 x 129mm | 2012 | Salaam Publishing, UK | Paperback




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