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The Adventures of Asuom

Folktales from Northern Ghana

by John B. A. Agandin

Asuom is to the Builsa, what Ananse is to the Akan. He is the hero of many Builsa tales. His incorrigible mischief and cunning has always amused both the young and the old. In this collection, the reader comes face to face with the crafty creature in his adventures through many aspects of life. From his bullying of Apiuk (the hyena) to his duel with the nightjar (Akalaasing), the reader will find it difficult not to both love and despise the clever Asuom. The sheer magnitude of his wisdom, courage, resourcefulness, enthusiasm, dexterity, cunning and lively devotion to mischief is guaranteed to hold you spellbound through every tale. Nevertheless, even Asuom cannot get away with everything forever! The tales are not only hilarious and entertaining, but teach many useful lessons for life.

ISBN 9789964705305 | 96 pages | 216 x 140mm | 2015 | Afram Publications, Ghana | Paperback




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