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by John Eppel, Togara Muzanenhamo

Textures was awarded the Zimbabwean National Arts Merit Award in the category Outstanding Fiction in 2016.

Suburban and cosmopolitan, youthful and elderly, formal and experimental, these binaries twist like threads which meet in this anthology, and interweave on the loom of prosody, forming rich and varied textures, Few can craft poems with the skill of these two artisans from Zimbabwe.

ISBN 9780797494985 | 106 pages | 210 x 148mm | 2014 | amabooks Publishers, Zimbabwe | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9780797494992


"The sites, sounds and smells of the Zimbabwean veldt and suburbia determine the shape, imagery and content of Eppel’s poems."

Kizito Muchemwa, Poetry International

"Muzanenhamo could almost epitomise the… promising future of African poetry… a bright new beginning."

Brendan Nicholls, Stand

"Eppel has sent roots deep down into the soil."

Nick Meihuizen, Scrutiny2

"Muzanenhamo can be ‘cool’ but seldom ‘light’."

John Greening, The Times Literary Supplement

"In a way, the two poets are united by so high a degree of craft that almost every poem – they are not all equally weighty or felicitous – serves as a kind of meta-meditation upon poetry itself."

Dan Wylie, professor of English at Rhodes University.



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