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Teaching English in Africa

A Guide to the Practice of English Language Teaching for Teachers and Trainee Teachers

by Jason Anderson

On 2 June 2016, Teaching English in Africa won the British Council Elton award for Local Innovation. Read more about the award and the book here.

Teaching English in Africa is a practical guide written for primary and secondary school teachers working all over the continent. This book relates the practice of English language teaching directly to the African context. As well as covering the underlying theory of how children learn languages and how teachers can best facilitate this learning, it also provides practical resources and ideas for activities and techniques that have proved successful in English classrooms in Africa, both at primary and secondary level. It is intended to be a practical guide, so references and citations are kept to a minimum and concepts are presented using examples that are likely to be familiar to most teachers working in Africa. If there is a bias in this book, it is towards the needs of teachers working in low-resource, isolated contexts in Africa, as these teachers are so often neglected by literature on teaching methodology.

ISBN 9789966560056 | 290 pages | 229 x 152mm | 2015 | East African Educational Publishers, Kenya | Paperback




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