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Stream of Consciousness: Poetics of the Universal

by Peter W. Vakunta

ISBN 9789956792948 | 156 pages | 203 x 127mm | 2015 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback



“On perusing Stream of Consciousness: Poetics of the Universal by Peter Wuteh Vakunta, one is struck by the eclectic and englobing nature of themes broached. Vakunta’s poetry is both a transversal and longitudinal dissection of our world. The poet assumes the posture of a divinity casting interrogative glances at the deeds of humans. Not a single terrestrial creature evades his prying eyes. Even the most subtle creatures on Planet Earth are scathed by the poet’s effusion of vitriolic emotions. The poet pursues evil-doers right into their graves. Even in their death throes, he continues to deal them fatal blows. Armed with a caustic pen, this chronicler does not sit on the fence and watch events transpire. Instead, he speaks for the downtrodden of all races and social strata: black, white, yellow, Papuan, Andalusian, wretched, opulent. This adds grist to the title of the book. The poet distances himself from the rigor of Kant and the moralism of La Rochefoucauld.  Weary of hearing the voices of humans in distress, he paints the portrait of another kind of Humanity. Vakunta’s poetry celebrates the harmonious cohabitation of verbal sophistry with the power of the word.”

Tamegnon Demagbo, University of Indianapolis, USA



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