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Sour Honey

by Mary Abago

Maria is a beautiful girl endowed with great intelligence, and is an only child. Her father Oweka, who sees her as his only hope, can never stop bragging about her brilliance, and about his good fortune in having begotten such a beautiful daughter. He expects her to go on to university, a successful career, and marry a handsome, wealthy man, but his hopes are destroyed when she falls in love with a man more than twice her age, and her life takes a different turn.

ISBN 9789970021475 | 128 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 1999 | Fountain Publishers, Uganda | Paperback



'...Sour Honey...captivates by treating themes that preoccupy contemporary Ugandans, especially the value of education and changes in women's roles and in traditional family power structures.'




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