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Sketches of High Density Life

by Wonder Guchu

Sketches of High Density Life by Wonder Guchu was named Best First Book by the 2005 Zimbabwe Publishers' Association Literary Awards.

Harare has been pulling people into its environs for well over a century. The city’s townships are inhabited by strangers and old acquaintances, hardened old-timers and naive newcomers, who embrace a mixture of languages, traditions and confusions. Wonder Guchu sketches some of these land- and cityscapes, where rumour, reality and urban myth converge. Who was killed to the strains of ‘the lion sleeps tonight...’? Where do the ghosts under the bridges live? Who was murdered beside the house with a blue door?

ISBN 9781779220318 | 76 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2005 | Weaver Press, Zimbabwe | Paperback



'The anthology captures the whole range and texture of the ghetto experience as Guchu delineates the life of ordinary people seeking to humanise their space and make ends meet despite all the odds staked against them'.

The Sunday Mirror, Zimbabwe

' apt description of difficult but never superficial lives in the townships of Harare. One learns a great deal in a short time from these sketches.'

Multicultural Review



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