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Si Dieu était tout un chacun de nous?

by Samuel Ebelle Kingue

If Each One Of Us Would Be God? Is a hypothesis that rejects the logic of religious institutions with their ability to limit the evolution of human consciousness, since the reality of our existence within religions is defined as fixed. If each one of us would be God, we would return into the deepness of our absolute consciousness and be in contact with our true selves. This challenging statement awakens the conscious deadening of a Supreme human being, as the search for our spiritual identity has nothing to do with the collective degree that is dictated by religious rules, which creates dependency. It is a process of individualism that makes each one of us responsible for our own being. We can be in contact with God from the moment we become conscious of All and Nothing. As God is primarily All and Nothing (love and hate, good and evil), to be able to connect with All (Love), we must transform ourselves into All and Nothing and deepen our understanding on inner brightness and darkness, which pushes us to carry valuable moral judgements on our own acts.

If Each One of Us Would Be God? courageously opens up the debate over Biblical statements. However, in order to fully understand the Bible’s dialectic, the duty of each one of us remains the deepest search of the fundamental truth of oneself to accomplish our spirituality.

ISBN 9789956558636 | 76 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2008 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback




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