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Sexe, Genre et Societe

Engendrer les sciences sociales Africaines

edited by Imam Ayesha, Amina Mama

Cet ouvrage représente la traduction du livre intitulé Engendering African Social Sciences (1997), issu des travaux d’un atelier organisé par le CODESRIA en 1991. Son ambition est de jeter les bases d’une analyse pertinente des rapports sociaux entre les sexes. Il propose une critique et des orientations neuves dans les sciences sociales en Afrique. Il fournit en particulier des orientations méthodologiques pour intégrer la perspective relative au genre. Les contributions réunies dans ce volume ont été rédigées selon des approches disciplinaires différentes, mais leur point commun réside dans une volonté affirmée d’opérer une véritable rupture épistémologique dans les sciences sociales africaines.

A landmark and long-awaited translation into French of Engendering African Social Sciences (Codesria 1997), this was one of the most pioneering works in the field of gender and social sciences in the African context, and remains an authoritative text. It is an extensively researched and forcefully argued study offering a critique and directions for gendering the social sciences in Africa. The sixteen chapters cover methodological and epistemological questions and substantive issues in the various social science disciplines, ranging from economics, politics, and history, to sociology and anthropology. Thirteen scholars contribute, including the three distinguished women editors. The translation, which is edited from the English and newly introduced by the renowned feminist scholar Fatou Sow, is an achievement itself, an incursion into the notorious difficulties of translating what are notably Anglo-Saxon concepts of sex and gender into the French language and distinctive academic environment; of interpreting western concepts of feminism within the African environment; as well as being an opportunity to revisit what deserves to become a classic text and reach a wider audience. In French.

ISBN 9782845861114 | 464 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2004 | CODESRIA, Senegal | Paperback




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