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Royal Burial and Enthronement in Ambazonia

Interrogating the Relevance of Postcolonial Education in Africa

by Peter Ateh-Afac Fossungu

The contribution works toward achieving its mentality-changing goals by essentially providing Afrikentication lessons radiating principally around the theme: Making African education relevant to African liberation and progress. The linchpin of the book is that we Africans truly need to cease dangling uselessly and reclaim our authentic roots if we have to independently move forward. This is an objective we clearly cannot correctly achieve when our intellectuals and universities (among others) who are supposed to be furnishing our liberation movements with sane policy and thought-leadership do continue in the same old colonial way of sheepish ‘theorising’ that excessively indulges in obliterating genuine African perspectives. Indigenous African education is the way to go! An inevitable rethinking in education, culture, and religion in Africa is recommended, basing on innovation and critical thinking which are sure highlights of communalism, which is a defining feature of the African way of life. The book thus harps on the need to recentralise African values and philosophy in the freedom and governance of the continent, as well as stressing the dire need for unity and visionary, dedicated and patriotic leadership. 

ISBN 9781779314727 | 460 pages | 229 x 152mm | B/W Illustrations and Colour Photographs | 2023 | Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9781779314710



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