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Riot in Heaven

by Tess Osonye Onwueme

The relegated man and woman of colour have been struggling to enter heaven, but they remain trapped as Sojourner Nkrumah's (the black woman's) "Freedom Train" is stalled at the crossroads of hell, heaven, and earth. Two heroes of the West, now determined to keep out unwelcome guests and terrorists from heaven, pose as the appointed "police" of the universe and block the gateway with their barricades: Aliens Crossing: Watch Out! Visa required for Entry! With the growing impediments, how will the race of colour get the key to heaven? The impasse sparks the Riot in Heaven.

ISBN 9780979085802 | 100 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 2006 | African Heritage Press, Nigeria | Paperback



“Tess Onwueme's play is a spellbinding theatre work! It is written as if Dr. Onwueme is composing a symphonic work... Along with her other masterwork, The Missing Face [this drama] places Tess Onwueme in the ranks of Wole Soyinka, Athol Fugard, and Derek Walcott.”

Woodie King Jr., Producing Director at the New Federal Theatre in New York City

“In her work, Onwueme has shown daring in her exploration of ideas even if they lead to subjects and themes which may seem taboo. Onwueme is eminently a political dramatist, for power affects every other aspect of society. She explores these themes with a dazzling array of images and proverbs. Her drama and theater are a feast of music, mime, proverbs, and story-telling...[thus] Onwueme consolidates her position among the leading dramatists from Africa.”

Ngugi wa Thion'go



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