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Resource Alienation, Militarisation and Development

Case Studies from East African Drylands

edited by OSSREA

The third volume in a series of studies by the East Africn Drylands Research Programme, a collaborative project between the University of Bergen, Norway and OSSREA, presents research papers by fourteen social anthropologists from Ethiopia, Norway, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. the work, as a whole, exposes the internal dynamics of the volatile political climate which forms the context, first in the East African drylands generally, and more specifically in the Horn of Africa; and elucidates the close relations between the different areas of research.

Individual papers address issues of topical interest, such as: nomadic education and the future of traditional pastoralism; resource alienation; militarisation of local conflicts; local institutions; knowledge in resource management and conflict resolution; land tenure; arms smuggling in the East African drylands, contraband trade; and food aid.

ISBN 9780954203016 | 216 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2002 | Organisation for Social Science Research, Ethiopia | Paperback




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