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Report on the Seventh Nigerian Economic Summit 2000

edited by Kwesi Kwaa Prah, Spectrum Books

This report records proceedings, debates and speeches of the seventh economic summit in Nigeria since transition to democratic government in 1999. The theme was 'breakthrough economic growth: an action plan'. Policymakers focus on achievements of the immediate past and strategies and actions, both short and long term, to achieve sustainable and private sector-led economic growth which will deliver the so-called democracy dividend, and thus sustain Nigeria's nascent democracy. The summit also identifies legal and administrative institutional bottlenecks requiring reform in order to attract foreign investment. Welcome and keynote speeches, ministerial and State Governor addresses, public sector and government departmental reports are fully documented.

ISBN 9789780293123 | 316 pages | 254 x 178 mm | 2002 | Spectrum Books, Nigeria | Paperback




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